Ambassador Program

Need some extra Income? 

Become a Three Brothers Ambassador!

We are looking for ambassadors to represent our brand in the community and on college campuses. 

We encourage eligible students to apply for our Ambassador Program. Students who are currently enrolled at an accredited university and have successfully completed two semesters are eligible to become a Three Brothers College Ambassador.  

If you already have your degree please contact us for more information about our community Ambassador Program at 

Ambassador Responsibilities

  1. Love the South!! 
  2. Appreciate comfortable, quality southern clothing
  3. Represent and maintain the integrity and southern pride of the Three Brothers Brand.
  4. Schedule monthly events on campus. There will be monthly updates submitted for review of monthly events and their outcomes.
  5. Participate in the Ambassador Tier Incentive Program. (This is where you can make money)
  6. Determine the best way to represent Three Brothers at college events. 
  7. Distribute Three Brothers promotional products at events in a southern professional manner. 
  8. Always be on the lookout for opportunities that arise to make people aware of the Three Brothers Brand. 
  9. Help with any trunk shows or events that may take place at retailers near your campus or in your community. 
  10. Help Three Brothers identify additional retailers in your area that meet the criteria of the Three Brothers Brand. 
  11. Attend 7 monthly conference calls with the management team, and other ambassadors to establish goals, prioritize projects and campaigns to build the brand. 

Three Brothers Code of Ethics for a True Southern Gentleman  

  1. Shows reverence to God
  2. Respects family and southern traditions
  3. Virtuous in character
  4. Knows how to treat a lady
  5. Supports the second amendment
  6. Acts shameless in debonair and charm

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