Rules of a Southern Gentleman

10. Never forget who you are and where you came from. 
something our mom always taught us, you shouldn’t ever do anything that you’d be ashamed of or that would shame your loved ones to know about.

9. Don’t be to wrapped up. 
Enjoy fine things and become well rounded, but be a man about it. Don’t put yourself on a pedestal or get so wrapped up in the details that its annoying. 

8. You really should take every opportunity to learn new things, meet new people. make connections and network!

7. Pullups, Pushups, Situps. Do them!! 
Our dad always said They’re good enough for the Marine Corps as one measure of a man. You should do them more often instead of being caught up in a gym wearing baby gap shirts taking selfies in the mirror. Be a man and look big in a large. Anyone can wear a small shirt and look big!!

6. Get outside more.
Hunt, fish, backpack, sail, camp, garden, run in the woods, run down the road. Find reasons to interact with nature. God created it for our enjoyment. Respect the land. 

5. Knowledge is power. think about the difference between you and the richest and most influential men in the world.
Wise men are rich because they know how to become rich. The President is the President because he knew how to become and stay the President. Decide what you want to be and learn how to make it happen. Nothing else will get you there. A Gentleman does not take handouts, when he falls he gets right back on his feet. 

4. While your work is important, it won’t be your coworkers who stay with you during the hardest times. Prioritize and know who your friends are. Stay true to your family and join a brotherhood. 

3. Actively practice being polite. Practice on people that hate you!
It doesn't hurt. You’ll either charm your enemies, or at least be kinder to those you care about.

2. Consideration of others goes far. Actually think about the impact of your actions on other people.
This takes awareness of yourself. Know who you are and where you are headed. always have goals that can be met but that push you in a positive direction. 

1. A complete Southern gentleman does the right thing, regardless of whether anyone’s looking.
If a man lacks integrity, then there is nothing to say about him that matters? Nothing.